Info Session/Breakfast Seminar

Rystad Energy COP27 Sharm El-Sheikh Briefing


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC +2)


SUNRISE Arabian Beach Resort -Grand Select-
86 Pyramisa Road (behind Conference Center)
Sharm El-Sheikh
South Sinai Governorate 46619


Rystad Energy is pleased to invite you to a session in which CEO Jarand Rystad will assess what it will take to achieve the 1.5-degree scenario by 2050. After a year of record high energy prices and major energy security concerns, is the 1.5-degree target still possible? Our founder and CEO, Jarand Rystad, is continually taking the pulse of the global energy system, examining pathways for decarbonization in an uncertain world. At this event, he will present 12 sequential scenarios – one for every 0.1 degree of global warming – from 1.4 to 2.5 degrees, for the period from 1965 to 2100. An important conclusion is that the current speed of deployment of electric vehicles, solar PV and wind turbines – together with the expected ramp-up of carbon capture – will be sufficient to limit global warming to between 1.6 and 1.8 degrees Celsius. Strong policy support to technological developments will increase the likelihood of reaching the lower end of the range. As the new technologies offer cheaper and better services, we can expect the adaption trajectory to follow the classic S-curve for penetration of disruptive technologies. Access to acreage and materials could present some challenges, but our detailed supply chain analyses indicate that this will not be a showstopper. Initiatives to reduce methane emission and stop deforestation represent an upside, with the collective effect of making the 1.5-degree scenario achievable. We truly hope you will join us for an event where we will share how analysis and data can provide guidance and support for countries, companies and international organizations on their transition pathways.



3:30 PM

(UTC +2)

Check-in opens

4:00 PM

Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
Chirine Damaj, Senior Account & Business Development Manager, Rystad Energy (Moderator)

4:05 PM  

Presentation: Can we achieve the +1.5 DG by 2050 or before?
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy

4:50 PM

Refreshments and networking

6:00 PM


Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
Chirine Damaj, Senior Account & Business Development, Rystad Energy (Moderator)


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