India Energy Conclave 2022



Radisson Blu Plaza
New Delhi


Join our Analyst Abhishek Murali at the Energy Conclave (IEC) 2022 in New Delhi, where he will be discussing global energy transition trends, and India's position in the same. The conference will focus on aspects of global energy transition, its impact on India, action plan options for India.


What are the options for cleaner energy for India to sustain its growth path and at same time meet its commitment to the world to become carbon neutral by 2070. What would be the right action plan for India to grow and retain its global competitiveness and at the same time develop its domestic infrastructure which is a prerequisite for sustained growth.

India Energy Conclave (IEC) 2022 will discuss these aspects of global energy transition, its impact on India, action plan options for India besides discussing technology innovations and capturing sectoral growth around the world, important contemporary topics would be discussed by international experts through various technical sessions.

The Conference will provide a platform to capture learnings in various parts of the world, and also in India which is seeing rolling out of one of the largest renewable energy programs in the world. The conclave would bring together all concerned group viz. Central and State Government Agencies, Regulatory

Agencies, Central & State Discoms, Trancos and GENCO’s, Independent Power Producers, Financial Institutions, IT & Technology Service Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, Power Sector Professionals, Consultants and other stakeholders to a common platform to share their ideas and initiatives to address the challenges of the Indian energy sector.

Do not miss the talk of our analyst Abhishek Murali at the Energy Conclave (IEC) 2022 at 11:00 am IST on December 15 focussing on Global Energy Transition Trends.


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