Is US shale the answer to a global supply deficit?


28. June 2022

9:30am CDT


Join us as we will be giving a market update of the Shale industry year-to-date and our experts will delve into key topics in our webinar on June 28.


Alexandre Ramos-Peon

Vice President, Shale Research

Justin Mayorga

Senior Analyst, Shale Intelligence


Join our experts Alexandre Ramos-Peon and Justin Mayorga for our Shale webinar on June 28. Together they will discuss industry performance and ambitions with a particular focus on:

-What is the call on US shale production in 2022 and 2023?

-Private versus public E&P strategies - will we see higher CAPEX budgets from public operators for 2023?

-How many drilling rigs and frac fleets will be reactivated in 2H 2022?

-Have we hit the ceiling on service price inflation (rig day rates, pumping prices, etc)?