Price inflation in the oil and gas industry – 2022 rewind and 2023 outlook


Session 1: 09.00 AM CET | Session 2: 10:00 AM CST


Following 2021, 2022 has been another year where the oil and gas industry has been impacted by high inflation. In this webinar our experts in cost and price research will provide a rewind of the major events driving inflation in 2022 before highlighting what to expect for the upcoming years. Considering the big differences in pricing dynamics and inflationary drivers for the offshore and shale industry we have split this webinar into two different sessions. The first sessions will take a deep dive into the global offshore industry, highlighting the key inflationary risk factors to look out for in 2023. The second session will provide a deep dive into the shale industry in the US.


Session 1:

·         Current trends in the global oil and gas industry

·         Key inflation drivers following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

·         Upcoming labor market trends

·         Pricing impact in the oil and gas industry

·         Impact of China’s economic and Covid-19 policy

·         Cost impact on future projects


Session 2:

·         How has shale inflation played out in 2022?

·         Today’s trend that will shale the market

·         Impact of China’s economic and Covid-19 policy

·         How will service prices behave in 2023?


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