Rystad Talks Energy | May 2023: Supplying energy security


11:00 am - 12:00 pm CET


Our Rystad Talks Energy May edition on May 25 focused on supplying energy security.

Our team5

Jarand Rystad


Per Magnus Nysveen

Head of Analysis

Anne Ekern

Marketing Director

Artem Abramov

Head of Clean Tech Research

Ademiju Allen

Senior Analyst, Gas Markets Research


Our May edition of Rystad Talks Energy examined the role that natural gas and LNG play in supplying energy security, both globally and in certain focus markets, and how the industry is navigating the energy transition alongside supply uncertainty. This month we were so pleased to welcome Greig Sproule, Vice President, Tolls and Tariffs at Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) for our deep-dive discussion and our experts provided market updates, a look into gas and LNG outlooks and Clean Tech trends as well.




Welcome and introductions

Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy


Market updates

Per Magnus Nysveen, Head of Analysis, Rystad Energy

Anne Ekern, Head of Marketing and Communications, Rystad Energy


Gas and LNG market outlook

Ademiju Allen, Senior Analyst, Gas Markets Research, Rystad Energy


The Talk | Supplying energy security, who has a part to play?

Greig Sproule, Vice President, Tolls and Tariffs, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Jeffrey Morgan, Head of Canada, Rystad Energy


Meet the specialist
Artem Abramov, Head of Clean Tech Research, Rystad Energy



Anne Ekern, Head of Marketing and Communications, Rystad Energy

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