Advisory services mission statement

Faced with societal convergence on low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions we believe that the entire energy sector from fossil through renewables to energy storage players will emerge/remain relevant and profitable – if they negotiate the “transition course” correctly. Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to help future proof its clients by drawing on the full width of energy industry data, sophisticated methodology, and seasoned experts to optimize strategy and prioritize investment.

Diagnose resilience and diversification potential 

  • Macro-to-micro asset/project level energy market data to analyze the speed of change and the impact on the clients’ business in terms of direction, pace, and scale of transition
  • Supplier level data and insights to assess historical market share and value chain / competitive barganing power development
  • Primary research to understand competitive edge within current markets and pain points to address in adjacent/emerging markets

Identify and assess financial/carbon value proposition and potential

  • In-depth «outside-in» understanding of the value creation mechanics for the clients’ customers including ability to pinpoint the monetary / carbon related value creation / abatement effect
  • «Bridging analysis» to understand value proposition in current and new markets
  • Concrete, transparent market modeling / forecast methodology to efficiently and effectively assess markets to remain in, leave, and/or enter

Design and implement business plan and related M&A

  • Development of clear and concrete strategic goals
  • Clear and solid go-to-market-, A&D-, and reoganization plans
  • A&D opportunity screening and transaction support (commercial due diligence)