Stay up to date with the latest Energy Transition trends and events

What will the future energy system look like? Where are CCS, hydrogen and battery investments going? How is the energy player landscape evolving? How competitive are renewable energy options? What are the decarbonization strategies within the transportation, industrial and power sectors?

Get answers via Energy Transition Analytics, an online suite of reports and articles covering a wide range of topics within the energy transition sphere – all based on Rystad Energy data.

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Energy Transition Analytics enables you to

  • Provide guidance on investment and procurement strategies
  • Support development of in-depth market intelligence
  • Remain in touch throughout the year with a steady flow of analyses and insights
  • Support strategic planning

What's included

  • A regularly updated library of in-depth reports on topics related to energy transition
  • Investments, supply and demand related to CCS, hydrogen, batteries, emissions, solar & wind, other green energies and power
  • Energy transition moves by energy companies
  • Newly announced projects, mergers & acquisitions, and market-moving news

Thematic Reports

  • Regular deep dive reports focusing on key technologies and decarbonization trends, and their implications on the various industries and stakeholders.

Presentations and videos

Access to Analysts

  • Product support and training
  • Discussions and further insights