A complete bottom-up database and analytics offering for the global battery industry​.

What are the current trends in the demand for batteries within the transport sector and for electricity storage and how fast will demand grow in each country and segment? What are the potential substitutes and their development trends?​

​How does the supply side look like in terms of player landscape, location and facilities and what is the medium-term outlook? How is the capacity and player landscape developing within each main part of the supply chain: Raw materials, processing, electrode production and battery cell production.

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Including key features

  • Global EV production and sales tracker by country
  • Demand scenarios by country, grid storage and transport sectors (road, air, sea)
  • Battery Cell supply database by chemistry, form factor, owner and capacity
  • Battery minerals supply by metal, operator and capacity
  • Battery cost module with cost breakdown per project and factory as well as expected future cost development of each cost element
  • Raw material processing plant database with production capacity and feedstock demand
  • Electrode production plant database

Delivery channels to meet your business needs