Emissions Solution allows for easy and flexible benchmarking of operators, companies and countries

What is BP’s operated upstream CO2 intensity? How does that compare with other majors? What is Equinor’s emission intensity through equity ownership? Who has the lowest and highest emissions in shale? Which part of a company’s portfolio has the highest emissions? How much of the emissions are related to flaring?

Find the answers in the Global Upstream E&P dashboard, providing an easy way to compare upstream CO2 emissions of countries, operators and companies on an equity basis.

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Including key features

  • Upstream CO2 emissions and intensity split by extraction and flaring
  • Emissions split by supply segment, life cycle, field type and hydrocarbon composition
  • Operator/Company emissions can be compared both globally and by country
  • Data quality indicator, giving transparency on data origin
  • Trend indicator for the operator/company towards 2025
  • Asset based map overview
  • Includes company M&A activity (updated with recent asset ownership)
  • Data for last available reported year and current year
  • 65 000+ assets, top 500 E&P companies