Energy Scenario

Analyze and understand the future energy mix under nine global warming scenarios

What will the energy mix look like? How much capacity needs to be added per year? Which primary energy carriers will replace coal, oil and gas in the years and decades to come? What level of global investments in energy infrastructure is required to enable these developments? How can we achieve a net-zero energy system and how fast will solar, wind, hydrogen, CCS and batteries grow?

Get answers with the EnergyScenarioCube, the most granular and complete data tool to assess and understand the historical and future energy mix under nine global warming scenarios, and based on the IPCC AR6 climate report.

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Including key features

  • Analyze emission reduction pathways under nine global warming scenarios, including the IEA NZE scenario
  • Examine the complete GHG emission picture by including emissions from the food sector
  • Assess which energy carriers will replace coal, oil and gas as well as how much installed capacity is needed
  • Understand the energy mix by end user sector and end user service
  • Investigate the global energy flow from primary energy source, energy carrier and end use sector to the end use service
  • Understand the historical and future power generation mix and consumption pattterns
  • Analyze investments and revenues per energy source

Analyze by the following key metrics

Analyze historical and future energy systems with data from 1965 to 2100 by:

  • Energy generation
  • Added capacity per year
  • Accumulated capacity
  • Energy revenues
  • Investments
  • GHG emissions
  • Energy mix
  • Energy flow

Ideal for

  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Investors, funds and ivestment banks
  • Energy companies
  • Utilities
  • Industries