Energy Scenario

Analyze and understand the future energy mix under multiple scenarios

What will the energy mix look like in a 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 degree celsius scenario? How much capacity is added per year? Which primary energy carriers will replace Coal, Oil and Gas in the years and decades to come? How much global investments in energy infrastructure is needed to enable these developments? How can we achieve a net-zero energy system and how fast will solar, wind, hydrogen, ccs and batteries grow? 

Get answers with the EnergyScenarioCube Pilot, the most complete and consistent data tool covering the total global energy system under multiple scenarios. 

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Compare the Energy System under the following global warming scenarios, compared to pre-industrial levels

  • 1.3 degree celsius
  • 1.5 degree celcius
  • 1.7 degree celcius
  • 1.9 degree celcius

Analyze by the following key metrics

  • Energy volume
  • Added capacity per year
  • Accumulated capacity
  • Investments
  • GHG emissions

Break down your analysis by

  • Primary energy
  • Energy carrier
  • End user sector
  • End user service
  • Greenhouse gast type