A power asset database that enables users to analyze long-term trends in power supply, demand and economics

Will gas and coal power generation still be needed in Asia in the long term?
What is the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of nuclear power and how does this compare to solar power? Which sector will drive growth in European power demand?
What is the long term power price forecast in the US?

Find answers to these an more questions in our Power Solution

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Including key features

  • Total installed capacity by source at asset level
  • Total power generation by source and by country
  • Modelled power generation by asset
  • Gas, coal, liquids demand for power and carbon emissions
  • Capacity factors by technology
  • LCOE, short run marginal cost by technology
  • Long term price forecast
  • Historical and forecasted data from 1990 to 2050

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