Make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving utility solar, wind, energy storage, green hydrogen sectors and other renewables

How much utility scale capacity is being proposed? Which projects will break ground? Who are the key players? Find the answers in our Renewable Energy Solution, a complete asset-level database for the global utility renewable energy industry.

Providing you with immediate business insight​

Including key features

  • Utility solar, wind, energy storage and green hydrogen projects
  • Project data: maps, ownership, stage, capacity, offtake & equipment
  • Company-level data: investments, partnerships, portfolio overview
  • Country-level data: key players, owners and developers, concept, under construction and generating assets
  • Economic metrics including capital costs, operating costs, LCOEs, government take, free cashflow, incentives and net present value
  • Economic model benchmarking costs and valuations for global solar, wind and offshore wind projects and companies
  • Frequent global reports & commentaries from our industry experts
  • Dedicated dashboard and report on E&P companies’ renewables targets and portfolios

Delivery channels to meet your business needs