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IP Week Information Session London February 2020

Make sure to attend our annual IP Week Information Session on Monday afternoon. From 4 to 6 PM we at Rystad Energy give you valuable updates on industry-relevant topics. Be joined by our Head of Oil Market Research, Bjørnar Tonhaugen, as well as the Head of Shale Research, Artem Abramov amongst others. There will also be enough time for networking with your peers and fruitful discussions with the Rystad Energy team.

DateFebruary 24, 2020
Time 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


What to expect from the US Shale in 2020?

Artem Abramov, Head of Shale Research

  • US onshore spending set to decline in 2020, but are we still above the maintenance capital requirements?
  • Base production decline – steeper than ever before, but is it still increasing?
  • Latest well productivity and economics trends: co-developed projects as a new industry standard
  • Nationwide growth to follow Permian additions from 2020: public E&Ps vs super-majors vs private operators
  • Permian infrastructure update: oil, gas, water
    • Winners and losers from the latest takeaway oil capacity additions
    • Is natural gas flaring and CO2 emission intensity slowing down in the Permian?
    • Continuous boom in water management supply chain


Products and crude demand outlook for 2020

Paola Rodriguez-Masiu, Senior Analyst Oil Market Research

  • Walking on a thin wire - fragile economy, trade war, and efficiency gains tarnish product demand outlook
  • Much of a muchness? New refinery additions add to overcapacity
  • Refinery margins, a death by a thousand cuts?
  • Crude demand outlook 2020: Refinery intake and direct consumption


Supply, balances and oil price risks in 2020

Bjørnar Tonhaugen, Head of Oil Market Research

  • It's not only US shale this time: Non-OPEC+ crude supply additions in 2020 by crude quality
  • Is OPEC+ adhering to cut targets? OPEC supply trends and risks
  • The balancing act: The call-on-OPEC+ and crude and liquids market balance outlooks for 2020
  • Crude price outlook and risks for 2020

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Artem Abramov Photo
Artem Abramov, Head of Shale Research