Rystad Energy invites you to a new Information Session event where our specialists will take a deep dive into the Energy Supply mix, at Global and Regional scale. We will discuss the impact of factors such as increasing environmental pressure, new strategies adopted by the E&Ps, and investor community, robust LNG competitiveness and business diversification in the Supply industry.


March 05, 2020


4 pm-6:30 pm


Tore Guldbrandsøy:
Energy transition: the Big picture
New ambitions from the E&P companies

Ole Hvalbye:
Europe’s power mix: is there a future for fossil fuels?
Cost of various energy sources

Sindre Knutsson:
How gas will compete in the power mix?
Is Norwegian gas competitive in Europe?

Alexander Fløtre:
Offshore wind: a new era of investments
Where are the new opportunities for the Service Industry?