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Gas Markets Webinar October 2019

We are delighted to invite you to join us at our Rystad Energy Gas Market webinar on Thursday, October 31st 2019, where you will hear our view on recent Gas market trends, we will summarize the year 2019 and look into LNG Market. The webinar will be run twice to accommodate different time zones. Please see the two options below and kindly sign up for the session that best suits your schedule and time zone.

Date October 31, 2019
Time 09:00am-09:30am (CET)
4:30pm-5:00pm (CET)



LNG Market Outlook - A never ending surplus?

  • Recent market trends in gas prices and LNG

  • A look into 2019: record low prices, but records high LNG FID rate

  • LNG Market outlook - Will the market ever balance?



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Matthew Watson Photo
Matthew Watson, Director Global Sales