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COVID-19 Webinar: A focus on government responses

COVID-19 has heavily impacted societies and businesses all over the world. In this webinar we will look into different geographies, benchmarking of different countries, and provide a trend analysis going forward. Join our CEO, Jarand Rystad, and Head of Analysis, Per Magnus Nysveen, in this interesting discussion. Arne Gulbrandsen, Head of Global Sales, will moderate the session. We are offering two sessions to cater to different time zones and different country analysis. Please select the one that best fits your schedule and interest.

DateMay 06, 2020
Time Session 1: May 6, 9:00am Oslo / 3:00pm Singapore
Session 2: May 6, 4:30pm Oslo / 9:30am Houston

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Jarand Rystad  Photo
Jarand Rystad , CEO