Energy Knowledge House

Investor Shale Update Webinar

Date May 14, 2020
Time Session 1: May 14, 10:30am CDT/5:30pm CEST
Session 2: May 15, 1:30pm SGT


 On Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15, Alisa Lukash and Ryan Hassler will provide a shale outlook centered around the current state of the market and how real-time satellite data provides a robust macro-level picture for investors.

  • What information is the industry missing without real-time satellite rig and frac data?
  • US production curtailments and storage updates
  • Will the US shale equity market recover?



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Ryan Hassler Photo
Ryan Hassler, Analyst Shale Research
Alisa Lukash Photo
Alisa Lukash, Senior Analyst Shale Research