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Shale Webinar: Drilling & frac expectations for 2H20

Frac crews have fallen faster than drilling rigs in the downturn, but will the opposite will happen in the upturn? Alexandre Ramos-Peon and Thomas Jacob will join our next Shale Webinar on June 9 to tackle this question and more.

DateJune 09, 2020
Time Session 1: June 9, 9:30am CDT, Session 2: June 12, 1:30pm SGT


Drilling and frac expectations for 2H20

  • Satellite imagery: monitoring real-time fracking activity
  • Latest update on drilling and rig activity
  • A look at what will happen to the current DUC inventory
  • Curtailment reactivation and short-term oil production outlook
  • D&C efficiencies: what to expect heading into 2H20 and 2021

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Thomas Parambil Jacob Photo
Thomas Parambil Jacob, Vice President Shale Research
Alexandre Ramos-Peon Photo
Alexandre Ramos-Peon, Senior Analyst Shale Research