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Gas & LNG Markets webinar: 5 things to watch for in 2021

2021 will still have its share of inevitable surprises for the energy sector. In this webinar, our industry experts call out the 5 key themes to watch for in the Gas & LNG Markets and what to expect in 2021. Whether you are looking to make informed long-term strategic decisions in 2021 and beyond, identify potential investments, or understand better the entire gas and LNG value chain, this webinar will shed light on critical insights and predictions for the year. The session will last 30 minutes.

DateJanuary 21, 2021
Time Session 1: 09:00am (Oslo time)/ 3:00 (Singapore time) Session 2: 4:30pm (Oslo time)/ 9:30 (Houston time)


1. LNG FIDs: Ranking the best candidates for 2021

2. LNG Supply: Time for new rounds of shut-ins?

3. LNG Demand: Comeback time?

4. Prices: Summer expectations

5. Impact of the US official commitment to net-zero emissions on the gas market


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