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Oil Market Webinar: 5 things to watch in oil demand in 2021; demand recovery in the midst of vaccination

2021 will still have its share of inevitable surprises for the energy sector. In this webinar, our industry experts call out the 5 key things to watch in oil demand in 2021 and the demand recovery in the midst of vaccination. Whether you are looking to make informed strategic, trading and investment decisions, or to stay on top of the short-term to long-term drivers in the oil market, this is not a webinar to be missed! Each session will last 60 minutes.

DateJanuary 28, 2021
Time Session 1: 09:00am (Oslo time)/ 3:00 (Singapore time) Session 2: 4:30pm (Oslo time)/ 9:30 (Houston time)


1. Real time data aviation: how soon long-haul aviation will recover?

2. Real time data road: where we stand now and how long is the way to recovery

3. Vaccination: trendsetting oil demand recovery in 2021

4. Behavioral impacts of COVID: the headwinds to oil demand we are already seeing

5. The big three: vehicles, trucks and petrochemicals – any signs of quicker oil substitution?


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Artyom Tchen Photo
Artyom Tchen, Vice President Analysis and Product Manager
Isaac Robertson Photo
Isaac Robertson, Senior Business Development Manager
Sofia Guidi Di Sante Photo
Sofia Guidi Di Sante, Analyst