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Upstream Webinar: Which E&P company is best positioned for the Energy Transition?

The global energy systems are transitioning with wide-spread effects across all energy sources, and E&P companies are taking different stances in the face of the uncertainty the new market dynamic represents. The implications of these strategic choices have already started to reshape some companies, while for others, it is seemingly business as usual. So what are E&P companies doing to keep up with the Energy Transition and stay investable in the rapidly changing market environment? Rystad Energy will in this webinar break down the complexity in how different E&P companies approach the new market reality, with growing demand for clean energy investments, decarbonization and portfolio resilience, and shed light on where there might be room for improvement.

DateFebruary 24, 2021
Time Session 1: 9:00 am (Oslo time)/ 4:00 pm (Singapore time) | Session 2: 4:30 pm (Oslo time)/ 9:30 am (Houston time)


Join our experts to learn:

1. What are the main ingredients of Energy Transition in the E&P sector  

2. How different companies approach the Energy Transition    

3. Which companies are best-positioned for the transition    

4. How these companies and strategies will fare in different scenarios

5. Which companies are better prepared for new market reality and where there might be room for improvement

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Craig Jamieson Photo
Craig Jamieson, VP, Business Development and Head of Aberdeen Office