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Breaking the chain: Suppliers seek new markets

A comprehensive overview of the energy services supply chain with a deep dive into fundamental topics that will shape the market for 2021 and beyond

DateMarch 30, 2021
Time Session 1: 9:00 am (Oslo time)/ 3:00 pm (Singapore time) | Session 2: 4:30 pm (Oslo time)/ 9:30 am (Houston time)


In our next Supply Chain, two hours webinar, our Supply Chain experts will go through the following topics:

Service Market:

Turbulence and Transition

- Turbulent times in Oil and gas – how to time it

- Transition of energy – how to play it

- Supplier’s survival guide



Navigating the post-Covid FPSO market

- FPSO developments set to lead the offshore recovery

- Opportunities for the supply chain outlook

- Utilizing FPSO experience to succeed in new energy markets


The subsea market – positioned for growth?

- Can capacity be a bottleneck when the market returns?

- Are subsea mega-contracts history?

- Fiscal policies, strategic decisions and technology are key topics for the future subsea market 


Wells, CCS and Geothermal:

Will drilling take off in 2021 after a two-decade low?

- After a rough 2020 for exploration drilling, will it get better anytime soon?

- Where should well service companies position themselves for the Energy Transition?

- Is the geothermal market heating up? 



Energy Tubular market navigating the Covid pandemic?

-  Outlook for global energy tubular through 2022

- Consolidation of the energy tubular and steel industry is creating procurement challenges

- As sour service drilling markets surge, how will alloy OCTG and linepipe develop in 2022? 


The Offshore Rig Market is resetting itself

- When will there be a recovery for floaters and jackups?

- How will the player landscape unfold?

- Will rig rates come up again?


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Audun Martinsen Photo
Audun Martinsen, Head of Energy Service Research