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Americas Regional Webinar: Domestic Energy Crisis - Blip on the radar or an indicator of new issues for the market?

After a prolonged lull in demand for natural gas and LNG during the height of the pandemic, global markets look to have rebounded with a vengeance. But with tight supply combining with low stocks and a cold winter outlook, a domestic energy crisis is potentially on the horizon.

DateOctober 26, 2021
Time 10:00am CDT


We're bringing together two of our local experts, Emily McClain and Claudio Galimberti, and our Head of Shale Research, Artem Abramov, to address this topic and the questions surrounding the upcoming months. Register now to join the conversation.

A look at the gas side of the story

·    How high can gas prices get this winter?

·    Breaking down the power mix in North America - are we seeing a lot of coal-to-gas switching?

How domestic supply is responding

·    Why the market isn't seeing a faster domestic supply response to current gas prices?

·    From gas to LPG - when will US propane exports act as a swing supply/demand component?

Longer-term effects of the energy crisis

·    Addressing various risks to the oil supply and demand balances entering 2022. What is the short- to medium-term outlook for oil?

·    The risk of underinvestment in fossil fuel - will energy crises become more frequent as we go through the energy transition?



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Artem Abramov Photo
Artem Abramov, Head of Shale Research
Amir Zaman Photo
Amir Zaman, Senior Vice President