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Shale Webinar: US Energy Outlook

2021 has seen some recovery to the coal industry, which has stimulated the oil and gas industry overall. And while regulatory uncertainty has a clear impact on the degree of capital discipline in the domestic oil and gas space, this uncertainty ultimately helps the development of market fundamentals in the current super cycle.

DateDecember 08, 2021
Time 10:00 - 10:30am CDT


In our final shale webinar of the year on December 8, Artem Abramov and Alexandre Ramos-Peon join us to address a number of topics as we reflect back on the year and look forward to 2023. Together they will cover:

  • What effective tools does the government possess to reduce gasoline prices?
  • Concerns about a stricter oil and gas regulatory environment driving record-high profitability
  • Coal's year-over-year increase has been one of the biggest power mix surprises of 2021 - how will that power mix evolve in the future?
  • What does current oilfield activity mean for the US supply potential to 2023?
  • Supermajors join private operators in the recovery cycle: trade-off between service cost inflation and structural activity increase

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Artem Abramov Photo
Artem Abramov, Head of Shale Research