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Rystad Talks Industry | Electric Vehicles: Navigating the road ahead

Introducing "Rystad Talks Industry". As part of a commitment to bringing you first-class energy market insights and the latest industry developments, we have put together an exciting new monthly webinar series, "Rystad Talks Industry". This event is dedicated to providing you with real-time knowledge and insights from influential industry leaders about a specific industry, starting in February with the booming EV (Electric Vehicle) industry.

DateFebruary 01, 2022
Time Session 1: 9:00 am (Oslo time)/ 4:00 pm (Singapore time) | Session 2: 4:30 pm (Oslo time)/ 9:30 am (Houston time)


In this session, we will be examining the soaring success of EVs, the wider implications for the energy industry, and what the future holds for the electrification of transport. 

Joining us will be Dennis Nobelius, COO at Polestar, Marius Hayler, General Manager at NIO Norway, Elin Rosnes Sinervo, Director Audi Norway at Harald A. Møller AS.

Our CEO, Jarand Rystad will be hosting the session, and we will cover: 

  • The evolving automotive landscape and the growth of the EV-market
  • COVID-19 impact on the automotive supply chain  
  • Innovation and winning technologies in the EV industry
  • Electrification of other parts of the transportation sector 

We will also be sharing an EV Industry update from Marius Foss, our Head of Global Energy Systems, and a battery materials deep-dive analysis from Susan Zou, our Battery Material specialist. 

Register now if you are interested in learning the latest insights about the EV market. We look forward to hosting you on February 1.


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Jarand Rystad  Photo
Jarand Rystad , Founding Partner & CEO