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Renewables and Low-Carbon Supply Chain Webinar

The global supply chain is being brought into sharp focus again. The international manufacturing and distribution of goods remain in chaos after the pandemic; it now faces a further shockwave with Russia`s invasion of Ukraine and highlights Europe's dependence on imported oil and gas. What are the alternatives? How quickly can we move to renewables and low-carbon sources of energy? How manufacturers are responding to the challenges and where can they look for opportunities?

DateMarch 09, 2022
Time Session 1: 9:00 AM (Oslo)/ 4:00 PM (Singapore)
Session 2: 4:30 PM (Oslo)/ 9:30 AM (Houston)


  • Are renewables and low-carbon supply chain investments about to soar? And where?
  • How are energy suppliers’ profits evolving given current inflationary challenges?
  • What is the current supply chain outlook in relation to ever-growing solar installation capacity and solar expenditures?
  • Solar PV price and cost – is it becoming more expensive in 2022? 
  • Developments of global wind turbine manufacturing – how equipped are suppliers to accelerate the energy transition?
  • A thrust for manufacturing expansions – what is the growth trajectory of turbine size?



Binny Bagga, Vice President, Energy Service Research

Zhenying Wu, Senior Analyst, Energy Service Research

Petra Manuel, Analyst, Energy Service Research

Moderated by Francesca Bjørnflaten, Senior Client Analyst

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Binny Bagga Photo
Binny Bagga, Vice President, Energy Service Research
Francesca Bjørnflaten Photo
Francesca Bjørnflaten, Senior Client Analyst