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Client Exclusive Webinar: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine - What’s at stake for global energy markets?

Rystad Energy has just launched a new report assessing the extensive impact Russia's invasion of Ukraine will have on global energy markets. We will be expanding on this report and providing the latest insights in a special client-exclusive webinar on March 8. We encourage you to submit your questions through the registration form or email us at marketing@rystadenergy.com as our experts will address the common questions during the webinar.

DateMarch 08, 2022
Time 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM (CET)



·     Introduction and key points 
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy

·     Implications for the oil market 
- Louise Dickson, Senior Analyst, Rystad Energy

·     Implications for the gas and LNG market 
- Xi Nan, Vice President, Rystad Energy; Sindre Knutsson, Vice President, Rystad Energy

·     Implications for the power markets 
Carlos Torres Diaz, Head of Power & Gas Market Research, Rystad Energy

·     Final questions from the audience


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Jarand Rystad  Photo
Jarand Rystad , Founding Partner & CEO