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Rystad Talks Industry April - Batteries and Storage. "What’s in store for batteries?” - Americas Focus

Welcome to the April edition of "Rystad Talks Industry", where we will deep dive into storage and the battery supply chain with a focus on Lithium in America. What are the opportunities and challenges and likely market developments going forward?

DateApril 07, 2022
Time Session 1: 9:30 am (Oslo time)/ 3:30 pm (Singapore time)
Session 2: 5:00 pm (Oslo time)/ 10:00 am (Houston time)


Given the growth of batteries and the need for storage solutions, are there reasons to be concerned about lithium availability? With rising lithium prices, do companies expect to see new competitors arriving in this space in the coming years? How actively are companies pursuing recycling technologies? 

 We are honored to host external guest Tom Einar Jensen, CEO at FREYR, who will engage in a conversation with Rystad Energy Deputy CEO, Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, who will be the host of this event.

 James Ley, SVP of Energy Metals with Rystad Energy, will discuss market outlook and  issues related to the  lithium supply chain with Robert Mintak CEO at Standard Lithium, and Austin Devaney, VP at Piedmont. We are very pleased  to have Robert Mintak and Austin Devaney joining us to share their insights.

 Alexandra Gerken, Senior analyst with Rystad Energy, will set the stage for the conversations with the latest market updates focusing on global demand for Batteries and Storage.

We hope you will connect with us for interesting updates and insights on April 07.


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