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EMEA Regional Webinar | Germany's push towards a net-zero power sector

Please join us on this regional EMEA webinar focusing on the power sector in Germany. During the session, we will discuss recent market developments in light of the current energy crisis and will look into the role of nuclear, coal, and gas in the energy transition of the country.

DateJune 21, 2022
Time 10:00 AM (CEST)


Key topics:

- Recent market developments: How is the energy crisis impacting Germany?

- Role of nuclear, coal, and gas in Germany's energy transition

- Deep dive Germany: policies, current capacities, future growth

- Summary

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Fabian Rønningen Photo
Fabian Rønningen, Analyst Power Markets Research
Anna-Maria Andersen Photo
Anna-Maria Andersen, Head of EMEA Marketing
Muhammad Bilal Photo
Muhammad Bilal, Vice President Renewables, EMEA