"North American shale review"
Bielenis Villanueva Triana, Analyst
April 8-10, 2014
Villahermosa, Mexico

"Rig demand & supply overview, regionally and globally"
Jarand Rystad, CEO
OTC Asia
March 25-28, 2014
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Value creation from Barents Sea exploration"
Jarand Rystad, CEO
Hydrocarbon Habitats - Source Rocks
March 13, 2014
Oslo, Norway

"Macroeconomic influences: Future oil supply and demand"
Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Partner
Offshore Shipping Investment Conference
March 12, 2014
Oslo, Norway

"Market perspective and overview of the modification market"
Jarand Rystad, CEO
March 12-13, 2014
Stavanger, Norway

"Global subsea sector growth forecast"
Jon Fredrik Müller, Project Manager
Subsea Vessels Europe
April 29-30, 2014
Oslo, Norway

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Gullkronen 2014
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"Yearly Change in Liquid Supply - Shale Has been Adding the Most" by Espen Erlingsen, Analyst
It is observable that shale/tight oil production from North America has increased year by year since 2011. In 2013 the net additions from shale/tight oil reached 1.5 million boe, where 0.4 million boe/d of the additions was NGL. For the same year the global liquid supply increased by ~0.7 Million boe/d.

"Subsea Market Expected to Reach $115 Billion by 2020" by Jon Fredrik Müller, Project Manager
(Published by Offshore, February)
In the beginning of the year 2000, oil companies' global subsea expenditure totaled $7 billion. The market grew tremendously to a high of more than $30 billion in 2008. After the financial crisis, the market softened as operators reduced investments and put projects on hold to conserve cash. Since 2011 it has regained growth, and in 2014 the expenditure is forecasted to reach $45 billion.

"A Blossoming Rig Market for the North Sea Countries" by Lars Willums, Analyst
(Published by PESGB, February)
The key North Sea countries Norway and the United Kingdom produced 3.8 and 1.6 million barrels of oil equivalents per day (mmboe/d) respectively in 2013. Going forward, both countries are expected to see a production increase. In 2020, Rystad Energy assesses the Norwegian production to reach a total of up to 4.1 mmboe/d. Of this, 64% will come from fields that are currently producing, while 19% will come from fields currently under development. The remaining production will come from discoveries not yet sanctioned.  The UK production is expected to increase towards 2.1 mmboe/d in 2020. Of this, only 31% will come from assets currently producing, while 35% will come from fields currently under development, and the remaining 34% from currently unsanctioned projects.

ECube (Exploration Database)
ECube provides a global overview of discovered and undiscovered volumes taking UCube (our upstream database) data to well level, with historical data from the awarded new acreage and risked forecasting exploration programs. Variables included are acreage, discovered volumes, drilling days, exploration costs, exploration wells and formation drill depths. It is possible to split data by basin, sub basin, operators, companies and geography as well as on several well types, e.g. content and stratigraphy.

We are available to meet with you in person or via webex to showcase ECube. Please contact us on products@rystadenergy.com.

For more information on our other new products, please visit RigCube (Rig Demand & Supply Analysis Database) and SCube (Supplier Database).
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