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Information Session New York
January 15, 2019
New York, United States
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Office Opening and Information Session Aberdeen
January 29, 2019
Aberdeen, Scotland
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Marine Money London Ship Finance Forum
January 23, 2019
London, United Kingdom
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Rystad Energy Oil Markets Webinar
Content webinar
January 10, 2019

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"Tightening LNG market sets the scene for a major shortfall"
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) buyers’ willingness to commit to new long-term contracts has increased significantly during 2018 amid expectations of a tighter LNG market. Looking ahead to 2025, Rystad Energy argues a major shortage of liquefied natural gas is looking increasingly likely.
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"Strong outlook for offshore oilfield service contractors"
The outlook for offshore oilfield service contractors is strong. More than 100 new projects are aiming for 2019 sanctions.
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"The oil & gas exploration winners of 2018"
2018 stands already as the best year for global oil and gas exploration since 2015. Guyana, Russia and the United States top the list with major discoveries.
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"China's LNG imported volumes and regasification capacity"
To avoid another winter shortage for gas, China’s three NOCs will need to boost domestic production from conventional fields and stabilize pipeline volumes from Central Asia and Myanmar. Moreover, extra supplies will be secured from more unconventional output, speedy storage buildup, new infrastructure expansion and more thoroughly planned LNG imports.
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"Here's what OPEC need to do"
OPEC+ will need to stay 700,000 bpd below its agreed targets of 31.8 million bpd through 2019 in order to bring a recovery in Brent prices to the $70 level, Rystad Energy says.
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"Mixed outlook for proppant in 2019"
Going into 2019, the outlook for proppant – a key ingredient of fracking fluid in the shale completion market – is mixed if not outright depressed. Room for price improvements is hard to spot.
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"Global jackup utilization down from 78% to 55%"
Since 2014 global jackup utilization has fallen from almost 80% to around 55%, where it has remained quite steady over the last two years. There have, however, been large regional differences with regards to jackup utilization over the past four to five years, and several regions are now seeing promising developments.
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"What's at stake in Vienna"
The OPEC + countries must cut 2019 supply growth by 1.5 million bpd if they want oil prices back above $70 next year. US production at $50 WTI levels would remove only 0.4 million bpd of the looming 1.5 million bpd surplus in the balances that Rystad Energy forecasts for 2019 in a status quo scenario.
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"Permian gas flaring hits all-time highs"
Gas flaring in the Permian Basin reached an all-time high in the third quarter of 2018, as the persistent rise in production collided with severe takeaway capacity challenges in the world’s most prolific shale play.
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"More than 75% of dedicated US shale oil companies keep reporting CAPEX in excess of CFO"
Equity shale investors have been pushing the industry towards moderation of spending growth since 2017. While the market is convinced that shale wellhead economics offer attractive returns in many areas of major US basins even at $50 per barrel WTI, the pace of shale spending acceleration along with its macro implications keeps scaring financial markets.
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"Vietnam to challenge Australia as regional king of utility scale PV"
Australia is experiencing a boom in utility-scale solar PV with the largest pipeline of solar PV projects (over 40
GWac) among countries in South East Asia Pacific, however its time on top could be limited due to aggressive developments in Vietnam.

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"Oilfield suppliers embarked on road to recovery in 2018"
Fueled by higher oil prices, but also by significantly lower costs, activity levels in the global oilfield service industry took a vital step up in 2018, providing a lifeline for many malnourished contractors.
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"Five things you didn't know about supermajors in the Permian"
It has become evident by now that supermajors Chevron (CVX), ExxonMobil (XOM) and Shell (RDS) are serious about long-term aggressive development of unconventional reservoirs in the Permian Basin.
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