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China’s LNG imported volumes and regasification capacity

December 14, 2018
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To avoid another winter shortage for gas, China’s three NOCs will need to boost domestic production from conventional fields and stabilize pipeline volumes from Central Asia and Myanmar. Moreover, extra supplies will be secured from more unconventional output, speedy storage buildup, new infrastructure expansion and more thoroughly planned LNG imports. The figure shows, that Chinese central and regional governments have geared up their LNG import plans this year, with greater volumes and earlier ramp-up. Some 33 Bcm (24 million tpa) of new regasification capacity has been brought online ahead of the winter season this year. China has enhanced its LNG import capacity significantly through measures such as the expansion of domestic infrastructure, building more LNG storage capacity, utilizing LNG trucks and testing new transportation routes involving LNG containers sent from the South to the North.

Given these initiatives, China’s imported LNG volumes this year reached about the same level during the first three quarters as it managed during all four quarters of 2017. Utilization rates for the country’s regasification terminals are expected to average about 90% this year, a vast increase on the 60% recorded in 2016 and 75% in 2017.

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 Bar chart showing China`s LNG imported volumes and regasification capacity in Million cubic meters per day from 2016 to 2018, Source: Rystad Energy research and analysis, GasMarketCube



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