Press release

Rystad Energy Annual Oil and Gas Summits 2017

August 16, 2017

Rystad Energy invites you to our Annual Oil & Gas Summits 2017. Run over two-days, the events will take place in Houston on 19-20 September 2017, and London on 4-5 October 2017. Join us to hear about our latest market analyses, industry perspectives and outlook.

During Day 1, our experts will deliver bespoke analysis on trends in the oil market, E&P activities, oilfield services and North American shale. On Day 2, we hold extensive workshops and discussion sessions about our products, research and methodology. Day 1 is open for both clients and non-clients of Rystad Energy and Day 2 is exclusive for our clients.

19-20 September 2017
Hotel Sorella
Houston, Texas USA

Key topics:

  • Short and medium-term oil market outlook
  • Impact of oil prices on global E&P activity
  • Outlook on North American shale supply and analysis of current shale economics
  • Impact of technology on activity and productivity
  • Opportunities and challenges for the oilfield service and E&P industry


04-05 October 2017
Mondrian London at Sea Containers
London, UK

Key topics:

  • Short and medium-term oil market outlook
  • Impact of US gas exports shaping global gas prices
  • Outlook on North Sea/EMEA E&P and OFS activity
  • Technology’s impact on OPEC and management of global supply
  • Carbon footprint – COP21 and the outlook for stranded reserves


We offer complimentary tickets to our client companies. If you are currently a client of Rystad Energy, contact us to register and receive more information about the complimentary tickets. 

For non-clients, please register here.

Read more about the summit.