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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

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What are cookies?
Cookies are files that websites send to your computer or

other Internet-connected device

to identify your browser uniquely or to store information or settings in your browser.

Cookies are classified into permanent and temporary cookies. The permanent cookies will be saved on the computer or other device until it has been deleted by user, while temporary cookies will be deleted after the web session is completed and the browser is closed. All the cookies set by Rystad Energy on the website are classified as first-party cookies, while the cookies applied by the authorized third parties are named as third-party cookies.

How does Rystad Energy use cookies?
Rystad Energy uses cookies to provision, enhance and customize the visitors’ experience to the websites, collect statistics, and understand visitors’ paths through the Rystad Energy websites.  

Cookies are also used to solve and administer technical problems, provide and enhance the websites’ security as well as analyze visitors to the websites. Rystad Energy applies clickstream data analysis to understand the duration of our visitors’ session to our websites as well as the navigation path through our websites. This analysis help us enhance our visitors’ experience.

Types of cookies Rystad Energy uses and their purpose.
On our websites we use the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly required cookies

This type of cookies are essential for our websites’ functionality. We use technologies that allow your access to our websites as well as help guard the sites from fraudulent activity and identify intermittent behavior on the website. These cookies are used for a continuous improvement of the sites’ security.

  • Performance cookies

This type of cookies are designed to build the understanding of the performance of the websites, including user browsing manner, user browsing path, links clicked and the items viewed, which ultimately help us to improve our website content and tools.

  • Functionality-related cookies

By using these cookies as well as other technologies, we collect additional information such as identification of your personality when signing into our sites, keeping records of the user-selected options and preferences, items viewed and the links clicked. This information is further utilized to enhance a user experience and enhance the functionality of Rystad Energy websites.