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Rystad Energy Gas Market Analytics launch

April 19, 2018
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Rystad Energy today announced the launch of Gas Market Analytics, offering comprehensive and fact-based analysis of global gas market fundamentals. This includes insight into the impact of North American shale production on local natural gas output, declining imports into the Japanese market, tightening medium-term LNG supply, and converging gas price forecasts for major gas markets, among others.

Gas Market Analytics is the latest addition to Rystad Energy’s Analytics product portfolio (see PR April 12).

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new gas market service. Rystad Energy has years of experience providing first rate and independent oil and gas intelligence, and recently expanded to the renewables market. The introduction of Gas Market Analytics is the next important strategic step to strengthen client relationships in the gas sector and to explore new opportunities,” remarks Per Magnus Nysveen, Senior Partner & Head of Analysis at Rystad Energy.
“Through our proprietary databases, with complete bottom-up coverage of supply and demand, Gas Market Analytics will provide our clients with valuable and comprehensive insights into current and future developments in the sector,” he adds.

Powered by Rystad Energy’s integrated databases, Gas Market Analytics provides a detailed and up-to-date overview of the gas and LNG market, as well as its impact on international market fundamentals. Gas Market Analytics includes reports, commentaries and data delivery:

  • Gas Market Report is delivered on a quarterly basis and provides extensive regional analysis of gas market supply and demand, coal-to-gas competition, international gas and LNG trading, as well as macroeconomic analysis with price. 
  • Gas Market Commentaries provide frequent updates on gas and LNG industry trends, an overview of the international market development and other significant market-moving news and events.
  • With Excel Downloads our clients are able to obtain the background data for charts and tables in the report.

“I am very excited that we are now able to leverage our gas data in Rystad Energy’s comprehensive databases and put it into a new form of analytical deliverables. We aim to keep our clients updated on key gas and LNG developments, both globally and regionally. Our detailed field-by-field production and demand data allows us to build thorough macroeconomic analyses reflecting our price forecasts as well. I am certain that Gas Market Analytics will take its respected place in Rystad Energy’s exceptional product portfolio,” says Carlos Torres Dias, VP of Gas & Renewable Markets.

Rystad Energy, the Energy Knowledge House, has built its reputation on being a leading independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm, and has recently launched its Analytics portfolio - a universe of ready-made and timely reports, commentaries and fact sheets for vital segments of the energy industry.

To learn more about Rystad Energy, follow the link here.

Rystad Energy Analytics video

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