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Global liquids cost curve (October 2015)

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The graph shows the cost curve for remaining discovered liquids resources as of 2015: crude oil, condensate and NGL. The curve is made up of over 20,000 unique assets by considering each asset’s break-even price and remaining liquids resources. 

The resources are split by supply segment groups – as shown by the coloured boxes. The width and height of the boxes represent the remaining resources as of 2015 and the range of breakeven 60% of the production lies within respectively. The resources for producing fields are included in the labelled grey box. The boxes – supply segment groups – can be compared based on a weighted average Brent break-even price to define their relative competitiveness.

Rystad Energy estimates that oil sands and the Arctic are the most expensive supply segments with an average breakeven of ~80 USD/bbl. Within offshore, shelf has the lowest average break-even price at ~60 USD/bbl, only marginally higher than Onshore Row.



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