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A Big Success - Gullkronen 2012

February 16, 2012
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The evening hosted by Deepti Koikara Lindal, Sales Manager, and Harris Utne, Project Manager, commenced with a status report on the NCS by Managing Director Jarand Rystad. “The latest discovery updates show that Norway was the top exploration nation globally in 2011, both in terms of resources and value, and before nations like Mozambique, Azerbaijan and Brazil.” Rystad also emphasized that “the feast in Norway was not only on the exploration side but also in terms of cash-flow to companies. 2011 was the top year with NOK 93 billion delivered. “

During the award ceremony, the five E&P awards were given out as follows:
• Newcomer of the Year: Core Energy
• Explorer of the Year: Statoil
• Business Developer of the Year: Faroe Petroleum & Petoro
• Project Developer of the Year: Knarr (BG)
• Field Operator of the Year: Troll (Statoil)

The Awards for the highest achievements within the oil service sector were acknowledged as follows:
• New Venture of the Year: i-Tec
• Globetrotter of the Year: EMGS
• Business Success of the Year: FMC Technologies

The Honour Award of the night went to Hans Henrik Ramm, who was recognized as the person behind the idea of creating SDFI back in 1983.


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