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Gullkronen 2019 Winners

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Honour Award

The winners: Kjell Inge Røkke and Øyvind Eriksen

Jarand Rystad, Rystad Energy; Øyvind Eriksen, Aker ASA; Helge Keilen, Offshore Media Group

Jury's Reasoning: 

For the Honour Award the focus is not on last year’s results, but the longer perspective. The jury has considered several impressive candidates who have contributed with either a single important decision or a life-long dedication to the industry.

The Honour Award is usually presented to one individual, such as former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland in 2018. But it has also been awarded to a pair of partners, such as Hans Christen Rønnevig and Torstein Sannes in 2013 for the discovery of the Johan Sverdrup field.

Also this year the Honour Award will be bestowed upon two partners whom, through close cooperation, have had a major impact on the Norwegian oil industry over the last 20 years. Their business acumen, creativity and risk taking have created industrial activity on a larger scale than anybody else in this period.

It has not been a straight forward journey. It has involved captains of the industry, politicians, trade unions, and investors. There have been great victories and bitter setbacks. In the media, one can find articles of all colors about them – from praise and adulation to bewilderment and criticism.

But in more recent years the criticism has become more muted in tandem with the rising values – both for shareholders and for society – created by their companies. One of the companies in question paid NOK 8 billion in taxes in 2018 alone. Their societal importance is becoming ever clearer.

When we reveal that the name of these companies are Aker BP, Aker Solutions and Aker ASA it will hardly come as a surprise that the winners of this year’s Honour Award are Kjell Inge Røkke and Øyvind Eriksen!


E&P Award

Explorer of the Year

The four nominees: Aker BP, Equinor, OMV Norge, Wintershall Norge

The winner: OMV Norge

Bielenis Villanueva-Triana, Rystad Energy; Mostafa Abdoli, OMV Norway; Giuseppe Cantarella, OMV Norway; Øyvind Tysse, OMV Norway; Jonathan Church, OMV Norway; Vigdis Wiik Jacobsen, Enfram AS

Jury's Reasoning:

In 2018, we witnessed the beginning of a recovery within exploration on the NCS with a 23% increase in the number of wellbores drilled and 230% increase in discovered resources compared to 2017. The winner operated the discovery of one-third of those resources, and found a clearly commercial, new gas field that will be tied back to one of the largest hubs in the surrounding area. Long and dedicated G&G studies since 2012 paid off in 2018 with a result that is everything but “the discovery from hell”. 


E&P Award

Business Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Aker BP, Neptune Energy, OKEA, Vår Energi

The winner: Vår Energi

Evan Calio, BTIG; Thor Arne Olsen, Vår Energi; Ove Andre Aardal, Vår Energi; Kristin F. Kragseth, Vår Energi; Rune Musum, Vår Energi; Thomas Bjørgo, Vår Energi; Håvar Blakset, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning:

2018 has been yet another year of high business development activity with even more transactions than last year. A total of 16 large transactions occurred, trading over 1 billion boe of resources as companies focus on optimizing their asset portfolios. All four nominees have demonstrated the value of getting the right assets into the right hands.

The winner has shown remarkable portfolio management, building a complementary asset portfolio that increases reserves, provides a stable base of producing assets to fund developments and generates dividends going forward. In a few years, this company may well be the perfect IPO candidate. With strong growth ambitions and a diverse portfolio, the winner will be a significant player on the NCS going forward.


E&P Award

Project Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Aker BP (Valhall WF), Equinor (Aasta Hansteen), Equinor (Oseberg WF)

The winner: Equinor (Oseberg WF)

Marius Foss, Rystad Energy; Odd Tore Isaksen, Equinor (Oseberg); Elin Johannessen Dahl, Equinor (Oseberg); Terje Masdal, Equinor (Oseberg); Øystein Espelid, Equinor (Oseberg); Bjarte Bergset, Equinor (Oseberg); Frode Sivertsen, Equinor (Oseberg); Borghild Lunde, ABB

Jury's reasoning:

Limited PDO activity during the aftermath of the oil price collapse manifested itself in 2018 with only two projects coming on-stream. Increased development activity is however already happening, with 10 PDOs being approved by the government during 2018. This almost matches the peak levels observed in the 2011 hey days.

The winner has provided an important and innovative contribution to the NCS. As the first fully automatic and remotely-operated unmanned platform, it has demonstrated the value of increased digitalization and technology-usage and helped pave the way for subsequent developments. The winner has a good HSE record, demonstrated significant cost reduction throughout the project, and proven excellent production capabilities after coming on stream last year, ultimately translating into a project that will be a role model for future developments.


E&P Award

Field Operator of the Year

The four nominees: Aker BP (Valhall), Equinor (Norne), Equinor (Snorre), Lundin (Edvard Grieg)

The winner: Equinor (Snorre)

Guro Skjæveland, Rystad Energy; Anders Stensli, Equinor (Snorre); Roger Fyhn, Equinor (Snorre); Marianne Bjelland, Equinor (Snorre); Anne-Grethe Hansen, Equinor (Snorre); Arill Herigstad, Equinor (Snorre); Britt Aarhus, Gassco

Jury's reasoning:

The operator continued a strong 2017 with an even more impressive 2018; increasing production and resources while at the same time implementing successful cost improvement measures.

The winner has delivered solid results in terms of both production efficiency and resource growth in a challenging reservoir. During the early years of this decade, the field was among the bottom tier in terms of regularity on the NCS – now it is one of the best.

The operator is continuously pushing the limits further, with a PDO approved in 2018, and exciting new renewable initiatives – creating a field that will be a star in the Tampen area for decades to come.


Oilfield Service Award

New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: Cognite, Halfwave, Inflow Control, Solution Seeker

The winner: Cognite

Christina Johansen, TechnipFMC & Chairman OG21; Elise Sendstad, Cognite; Giedre Malinauskaite, Cognite; Andrzej Golebiowski, Cognite; Fredrik Ellekjæar, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning:

2018 was a great year for Norwegian New Ventures. Never before have so many companies made it through the initial qualification rounds. A total of 40 companies were on the long-list for this year’s prize. Many of them were launched during the down-turn, a litmus test to their business models.

The jury is proud to nominate four impressive ventures; all at the forefront of their fields, entering competitive markets, creating new jobs, and helping the industry to increase productivity through innovation.

This year’s winner of the New Venture of the Year:

• Is a toddler in age, but no longer a small company.
• Has created software and a movement that is changing the way the industry will work and collaborate.
• Has had a remarkable 2018, with the company taking giant strides, not only securing new customers within the oil and gas domain, but also in tangent industries
• …and, like Rystad Energy, they know the value of well-structured data.


Oilfield Service Award

Globetrotter of the Year

The four nominees: Axess Group, PSW Group, Tampnet, Tomax

The winner: Tampnet

Sjur Bratland, NORWEP; Per Morten Torvildsen, Tampnet; Anders Tysdal, Tampnet; Audun Martinsen, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning:

This company from western Norway has seen multiple years of steady profitable growth in new international markets, in defiance of a downturn in the offshore sector.

Customers are cheering its presence and offering, which helps to improve its operations in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

By focusing on the brownfield part of the service market, this company has with a clear focus developed a unique position at home and in the Americas with its solution.

This service is applied at production platforms, rigs and vessels and is crucial to allow for the new digital age in the oil and gas industry.

This company is not a traditional service company and could still be unknown to many.

Having been nominated to Gullkronen in the past, this company can finally and deservedly receive this prize with pride.


Oilfield Service Award

Business Success of the Year

The four nominees: Interwell, Kaefer Energy, Spectrum, Sverdrup Steel

The winner: Sverdrup Steel

Erik Reiso, Rystad Energy; Kristian Rosenberg, Sverdrup Steel; Jostein Helgøy, Sverdrup Steel; Ove Mæahle, Sverdrup Steel; Knut Tore Erevik, Sverdrup Steel; Rasmus Sunde, Independent Consultant

Jury's reasoning: 

The winner of the Gullkronen 2019 Business Success Award proves that belief in your own abilities and investment during downturns hold great value. At the heel of the industry cycle, the company took great risk by doubling down on its core oil & gas offering as it expanded its presence in the highly competitive South Korean market. “Steeling” the show, the company’s revenues broke through the 1 billion kroner ceiling in 2018 off the back of an unprecedented 70% growth year-on-year.

The winner continues to perform exceptionally, with 2019 slated to become another all-time-high. Truly the alchemist of the oil & gas service industry, the company turns steel into gold for its owners.


Green Initiator of the Year Award

The four nominees: Automated drilling Songa Enabler (Equinor, MHWirth, Sekal, Deep Purple project (Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane/GCE Ocean Technology, Sintef, Subsea Valley), Northern Drilling, Teekay Offshore

The winner: Teekay Offshore

Siri Helle Friedemann, Forskningsrådet; Idar Hillersøy, Teekay Offshore; Gitte Bromander, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning: 

During 2018, a wide range of initiatives were taken to reduce the future environmental footprint of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The jury is impressed by the joint industry effort and the close collaboration along the value chain, resulting in new innovative solutions with a significant green impact. All the nominees represent important steps towards a more sustainable petroleum industry.

This year’s Green Initiator of the Year:

• Has been forward-thinking in setting ambitious environmental standards within its operating segment
• In close collaboration with suppliers the winner has embraced new innovative ideas and developed ground-breaking technology systems
• The winner has shown commitment to the concept that will impact the design of the global shipping fleet in the future

* All pictures taken by Jon Skille Amundsen, www.jonamundsen.no