Oilfield Service Webinar June 2018

June 13, 2018


Rystad Energy is delighted to invite you to our Oilfield Service webinar. In this webinar we will review the last 9 months and examine how the outlook for the service market has been changed by $75 oil. The webinar will be run twice to serve different time zones. Please choose a suitable session for you.


How the service market went from dusk till dawn in 9 months

  • How $75 oil has changed the outlook for the service market
  • Where are investments going in 2018?
  • Are there any dark clouds hanging over the service market?

Session 1:

DATE: June 20, 2018

TIME: 4.30PM - 5.00PM (CEST)

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Session 2:

DATE: June 21, 2018

TIME: 3:30PM - 4.00PM (SGT)

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Presenter: Jo Freidmann, Analyst