January 31, 2019

Rystad Energy is delighted to invite you to our Oilfield Service Webinar. In this webinar Oddmund Føre, VP, Oilfield Service Research, will talk about the offshore drilling market trends and current activity. The session will be run twice to serve different time zones. Please choose a suitable session for you.

The comeback of offshore drilling markets

  • Operator free cash flow in the current oil price environment

  • Robustness and competitiveness of offshore FIDs

  • Where is the floater and jackup market headed?

  • Utilization rates and contracting activity

Session 1:

DATE: February 27, 2019

TIME: 9.00AM - 9.30AM CET (Central European Time, UTC+1)

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Session 2:

DATE: February 27, 2019

TIME: 4:30PM - 5.00PM CET (Central European Time, UTC+1)

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Presenter: Oddmund Føre, VP, Oilfield Service Research