Rystad Energy May Shale Webinar

May 9, 2019




Rystad Energy invites you to our May Shale Webinar that focuses closely on the topic of US pressure pumpers. In the current reality of tight margins, it is critical for US pressure pumpers to differentiate themselves from their competition. In this webinar, Artem Abramov and Thomas Jacob will identify the best performers in different categories. The webinar will last 30 minutes and will feature a Q&A session at the end.


US pressure pumpers: who is leading the pack?

  • Which pressure pumper exhibits growing market share from a macro perspective?

  • Who has been the most successful in winning new E&P customers at the micro level?
  • Who fracks the most productive wells (accounting for client mix)?

  • Who is able to execute frac jobs faster on a normalized basis?

  • Who can pump the most proppant in a 24-hour time frame?

The registration for this webinar is now closed. Please contact marketing@rystadenergy.com for more information.

Artem Abramov
Partner & Head of Shale Research
Thomas Jacob
Senior Analyst