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In a landmark launch, Rystad Energy makes the Energy Transition a member of its solution family

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Rystad Energy is delighted to announce the launch of the Energy Transition Solution suite, a major addition to the growing family of solutions it serves to its clients, consisting of a group of new and existing products that are now linked under a single dedicated product umbrella.

The Energy Transition Solution unites products that serve a common purpose, enabling clients to navigate the changing global energy landscape with what we see as the most granular, fact-based and complete set of data and analytics covering this vital theme.

Our existing Renewable Energy and Emissions offerings are paired with five new products: Hydrogen, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), Batteries, Power and Energy Transition Analytics, all of which can be accompanied with Advisory services.

To develop these products, Rystad Energy has applied its unique micro-to-macro data approach to marry asset level information for green technologies with a holistic perspective of the global energy mix and its associated greenhouse gas emissions, which take center stage in the global climate targets race.

“The launch of our Energy Transition Solution is a result of many years of hard work and a landmark event for Rystad Energy that I am particularly proud of. The energy world is changing and while we keep serving and improving our oil and gas related products, we are now able to also offer dedicated energy transition guidance for the increasing number of clients that need it,” says Jarand Rystad, chief executive officer at Rystad Energy.

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Learn more about Rystad Energy’s newly-launched Energy Transition Solution HERE.

In connection with the launch of its Energy Transition Solution suite and of adding new product solutions to this package, Rystad Energy has headhunted some of the world’s top industry experts, whose experience meets young talented analysts that we have also been recruiting. We have fast-tracked the development of this solution during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are extremely proud to be able to offer new jobs during one of the most challenging periods ever for the global energy industry.

“The addition of Hydrogen, CCS, Batteries and dedicated Energy Transition Analytics to our product mix marks a turning point for the way we serve the energy industry, and is a recognition of the increasingly important role that these technologies will have in the future,” says Marius Foss, senior vice president and head of Global Energy Systems at Rystad Energy.

Today’s launch is not the end of the journey for Rystad Energy’s development of innovative products. The global transition that the energy world is experiencing is moving fast, adding new components to the energy puzzle and reducing others. Similarly, our Energy Transition Solution is going to grow in size and more dashboards, databases and tools will be added in the coming months and years.

If you are as excited as we are about this new solution and want to learn more, you can visit our webpage, follow us on social media and listen to our CEO Jarand Rystad welcoming the company’s new product suite, or contact our business development team to find out how the Energy Transition Solution can help you in your daily work and decision making. Stay tuned for more content and join one of our coming events related to our launch.

Rystad Energy is now part of the Energy Transition – and the Energy Transition is now part of Rystad Energy.




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