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North American Shale Well Cube (NASWellCube)

March 2, 2016
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In 2016, for the first time, the total supply from North American shale and tight oil will decrease year-on-year; January 2016 hit a new low for rig count in the US; Drilling and completion levels keep decreasing following the drop in commodity prices. It is a critical time to conduct analysis on the North American shale industry, and our North American Shale Well Cube (NASWellCube) can equip you with what you need. Conduct more efficient analysis, act quicker and make better decisions with NASWellCube, a user-friendly analytical tool containing production and completion data for more than 200,000 wells.


NASWellCube enables you to:

• Obtain critical insight into historical and future short-term trends for the entire US shale, including the key plays Bakken, Eagle Ford, Permians and more

• Perform analysis using different parameters

• Benchmark play, competitor and well performance

• Understand well costs and breakeven prices

• Estimate drilling days for all wells and total liquid potential of the US Shale


Key features included in NASWellCube:

• Production, Completion and FracFocus Data

• Calculated IP Rates and Estimated Ultimate Recovery Rates

• Well Curve, Pad Drilling and Re-Frack analysis

• Short-term Activity and Production Outlook at Well Level

• Well Economics

• Estimated 3-stream Production Volumes

• Estimated Drilling Days at Well Level


Our analysts diligently collect and verify official state well data to create a high-quality and consistent data set on shale activity. On average, 1,750 new wells are added to the database each month. The results are delivered into our Cube Browser, a tool that allows you to easily build multidimensional analysis, illustrate and export the data.




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