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Gain immediate insight into North American Shale well activities with NASWellFree

July 15, 2016

What are the most productive wells in the North American shale? In which counties are they located? Which operator has the longest lateral length YTD 2016? Find answers to these questions in our free North American shale tool NASWellFree. Register now to receive immediate access. 

About NASWellFree:

NASWellFree is an ideal tool for anyone who needs up-to-date insights into North American shale wells on a daily basis. The tool includes top 10 wells by production and completion benchmark and allows users to view data in table and chart formats, as well as filter data into different categories for easier analysis. The data from NASWellFree is based on 220,000 wells from our North American Shale Well database NASWellCube

NASWellFree enables you to:

  • Gain immediate insight into the most impressive well results
  • Compare productivity and well configuration across plays, counties, operators and different completion years

Key features included in NASWellFree:

  • Wellbore configuration information, including lateral length, vertical depth and total measured depth
  • Well productivity and completion data, for oil and gas play

*Top 10 wells as of July 2016.

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