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NCS Prospects - The Exploration Strategy Conference

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NCS Prospects

The Exploration Strategy Conference

We like to put your attention on this year’s NCS Prospects. For the first time organized jointly by Rystad Energy and GeoPublishing, we aim to bring together the exploration focused North Sea community to exchange expert insight, network with fellow peers and develop discussions and solutions on current industry issues.

Governmental bodies, international E&P companies, investors, smaller E&P companies, analysts and other industry players will put the NCS into an international perspective and discuss how we can realize the remaining resources not yet found and make sure that small and marginal fields will be developed.
The conference will further discuss business models applicable to exploration and the strategic considerations and risking involved in establishing an exploration strategy.
Different companies with different strategies-from the largest generalists to the smallest specialist, will share their view and experiences.

Date: 1-2 November, 2016
Location: Stavanger, Norway

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