New Partner: Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

January 11, 2013

We have the pleasure to inform that Lars Eirik Nicolaisen has been elected as a new Partner at Rystad Energy. Lars Eirik has his academic background from the Department of Industrial Economy at NTNU. He has been with Rystad Energy since 2008 and has since served multiple clients, including E&P companies, oil service companies, oil sector investors, governments and organizations. Lars Eirik has a particular expertise within rig supply and demand analysis, well technologies and exploration performance analysis. He has been key speaker at many conferences on a variety of topics spanning from rig market analysis and investment forecasts for Norway to oil service opportunities in Northern Norway. Lars Eirik was also a member of the Rystad Energy winning team at the ONS’ “Young Professional Company Award“ in 2010. In addition, Lars Eirik has been a core member of the team behind our renowned “NCS Business Development Atlas.”