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Rystad Energy launches new UKCS Solution

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Rystad Energy expands its product portfolio with the new regional offering – UKCSSolution.

United Kingdom Continental Shelf Solution (UKCSSolution) provides up-to-date information on licenses and field activities on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. It reviews key activities, transactions, work programs, and drilling plans on the UKCS on a monthly basis. The data and analysis are delivered through UCube UK, PDF report and GIS map.

The UKCSSolution is a comprehensive source of information that can assist companies in making informed decisions about embarking on activity, not only in the UKCS as a whole, but also in specific areas of the UKCS.

UKCSSolution allows you to:

  • Map key activities by license and field for the entire UKCS
  • Obtain valuation and full cash flow profiles for all assets
  • Analyze production profiles of all UKCS companies

UKCSSolution can also be combined with NCSSolution into Northwest Europe (NWE) Solution to access detailed overview of all upstream activities in UK, Norway and Denmark.

Contact us and book a demo to learn how UKCSSolution can benefit to your business.

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