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Northwest Europe offshore wind market set for a boom

August 29, 2017
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Author: Marius Kluge Foss, Project Manager, Rystad Energy

Publisher: Offshore Magazine

Europe has been the cradle for offshore wind. Historically, Germany and the UK have been the largest installers, with the UK having the largest installed base of offshore wind capacity in the world. However, 2016 saw a low, partly due to Germany struggling with intermittency in its power grid, but this is expected to turn and the outlook for German offshore wind looks promising.

The new growth cycle, starting this year, is built up of a multitude of both large scale and smaller projects. The main contributors short term are still the UK and Germany, but with several other countries joining in the early 2020s. The European offshore wind market is set for a boom with 2020-2023 installations expected to be 210% higher than 2017 installations. The period ends with the expected startup of the largest wind projects the world has ever seen, namely the Dogger Bank and the Hornsea projects off the eastern coast of the UK.

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