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Peak Solar PV - Is the sky the limit for mega-solar project size?

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Australia’s latest mega-solar project will eclipse the boundaries for utility scale solar. Sun Cable is proposing a 10 GW, 150 km2 solar farm to power Singapore via a 3,800 km HVDC cable. It would unquestionably be the world’s largest solar PV plant, with eight times more generating capacity than the Noor Abu Dhabi solar plant, the current world-leader. For perspective, we compared the Sun Cable project with the size of solar farm required to power Australia and ultimately the world.

We've boundless plains to share” in Australia. Connection and export challenges aside, Australia – or 18% of the Northern Territory covered in panels – could power the world. More realistically, a solar farm big enough to power Australia could be feasible – it would have to be two-thirds the size of Darwin. The Sun Cable project, meanwhile, has literally drawn a line in the sand, capturing the imagination of service and equipment providers. Innovation and truly ‘maverick’ solutions will bring these projects to energization.

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