PSC Roundtable 2011

October 25, 2011

Per Magnus Nysveen, Senior Partner and Director of Analysis at Rystad Energy, contributed as a speaker to the PSC Roundtable 2011 held 05-06 October 2011 in Dubai, UAE.

The PSC Roundtable was part of the Middle East Petroleum and Gas Week und given under the topic “Upstream Challenges in Exploration and Production in the Middle East/Gulf: Stability vs Sovereignty.”

Per Magnus Nysveen spoke on the “Global impact if North America becomes a net exporter of gas.” Key discussion points included the possibility of gas oversupply, the prospect of LNG mega projects being outperformed on the price supply curve and the booking of barrels and effects related to E&P performance metrics and valuation.


Per Magnus Nysveen at PSC Roundtable 2011, Dubai, UAE